Our history

Drawn on the flip side of a carton board, the Nyami concept sprong off by three marine professionals in France back in 2008. Rapidly the idea gained momentum in the industry and has developed into a true global venture which is blowing a new wind into the market of Sustainable Sea Shuttles.

The challenge was simple: currently transportation by road and air is limited due to congestion and pollution. Seas and rivers are available but have not yet seen the transport modus that can combine operational efficiency with ecology. The sense of urgency was endorsed with market surveys and in depth market research in different regions.

The concept of the Nyami team was simple yet challenging: develop a 'sea bus' using all existing and proven technologies and put them into a new boat that is designed to be light and fast to capture the benefits of being strong yet recyclable.

The heart of the Nyami product range is "electricity" where the lithium batteries of the latest generation, ie Fer Phosphate (LiFePO4) are the nucleus. Proven for many years in different transport modi (from buses to submarines) we have been able to fine-tune the technology with professors at a French university to apply it on water with guaranteed reliability and safety.

Working hand-in-hand with rewarded architects we have captured this Lithium battery technology and build it into an ultra strong and ultra light shuttle which has been aggregated by the official instances. The Nyami's are being built in the Chinese manufacturing plant we selected based on its unique experience in Aluminium construction and it's long lasting quality label. With a current capacity of approx 25 units per annum we secured our ambitious growth plans across the different regions.

Needless to say that "history is in the making". Join us today and be part of the future. Whether as a customer or a team member. We'd love to have you on board.