The Nyami principle design

The Nyami boat is truly unique in its kind. Its design can be considered as “avant-garde” with the support of the leaders in the industry including French academics who are renowned as experts in lithium batteries technology. The result: No more pollution, noise and maintenance. In stead the operators and passengers get a transportation modus which is proven to be highly reliable, clean, performant, comfortable, secure as well as economical.


  • 0 (zero) gr emission of CO2: The latest lithium Iron Phosphate batteries allow the Nyami's to be solely propulsed on electricity.
  • Recycable: all materials used (Aluminium, glass, batteries, etc) are +/- 100% recyclable.


  • Guarantee: 3 years on the construction and all elements of the propulsion with possibility to extend up till 5 years. The batteries have a committed guarantee of minimum 1500 cycles (recharges) which could even go up to 3,000 cycles.
  • Certification: The international agency "Bureau Véritas" certifies the electrical installation.
  • Assistance: a network of specialists of electrical batteries is dedicated to guarantee the after sales service.


  • Autonomy: The Nyami boats are designed to be operational during a full day (approx 8 hours) for just one night (approx 6 hours) of recharging.
  • Speed: To optimise the speed we have chosen for the LiFePO4 batteries and a catamaran with a fine "wave piercer" line. Monohulls can also be contemplated.
  • Propulsion: the engines offer a whopping 95% efficiency and the newly developed BMS ("Battery management system") optimises the 240 batteries on the Nyami-54 through an on-line control device, visible on a digital dashboard.


  • Energy savings: the cost for a refill of the batteries is approximately 20 times less than the traditional diesel engines (approx €6 for a full day).
  • Maintenance savings: the technology applied is virtually maintenance-free. However, we do perform regular controls and provide guarantee schemes if required.
  • Financial savings: the Green Wave team, potentially in collaboration with the Sealease company can propose tailored financing schedules.


  • For the operator: the Nyami boats transform "navigation into pleasure": a self explanatory dashboard, "plug and play" systems and 2 engines enhance the ease of use.
  • For the passengers: we have aimed to maximise the comfort of all passengers (including those that are less mobile) and are thrilled to witness the marine travelling sensations without noise or smell.