The story of Nyami

“Big Blue” has been the nickname of our planet since the first cosmonauts looked at it from up above. With 70% covered by water the Earth is destined to tap into the imagination of a better world where water transportation is to become a major driver for both professionals as well as private travellers.

With approx 7BN people the economic (r)-evolution has obviously started to take its toll : "global warming", "greenhouse effect", "CO2 emission" are just a few buzz words which have been retained in the new dictionaries since they - unfortunately - are here to stay. Particularly in the area of mobility the bottleneck of our growing economy and equally our population is obvious : On the roads the crowded roads are leading to massive congestions. In the air we already witness air-traffic control limitations.

All in all : we have reached our limits with billions of productive hours lost. The combination of a deteriorating ecological footprint of our planet earth and the sense of urgency has led many leaders to act, both at the level of politicians as well as entrepreneurs.

With roads and air being blocked, there are only rivers and seas left, provided we use these wisely. This is where "Nyami" steps up : Following two years of intensive research with the latest and greatest in the research joined by industry leaders we have accomplished our goal which was to design, manufacture and distribute the first functional CO2 emission free passenger boat. The result is an ultra-light catamaran, powered by Lithium batteries guaranteeing in a full day autonomy, with a capacity of up to 150 people, cruising at a speed of up to 19 knots… without making a noise.

As from now onwards, the green economy turns blue again : water is (y)our life line, join us in cruising this current. Be part of it, you will be proud of it.