Vision & mission

To become the leading provider of environmentally friendly people transportation to the marine professionals and this, across the world. To enhance the state-of-the-art electrical propulsion technologies by industry professionals that results in a unique platform to create, build and market a range of excursion and passenger transportation ships with no CO2 emission.

The marine sector has been and will continue to be a vast segment of B2B industry across the globe, worth hundreds of $billions, where new boat designs and innovative financial constructions are keeping fast pace.

The concept of Nyami is a professional response to a clear demand in the marine market for CO2 emission free marine transportation.

A thorough market analysis undertaken more than 2 years ago have resulted in the design, creation & production of different boat sizes, from 12-150 pax.

Target of Nyami management is to tap into a virtually untapped opportunity and grow signficantly in a profitable manner by controling entire supply chain.