After sales services

With Nyami we propose a true “one-stop-shop” concept, from start to end, from delivery to the end of the life cycle, call it the “one-stop-shipping” principle. We are committed to ensure an After-Sales-Service through warrantees provided by the manufacturer and contracted SLA’s with specialised subcontractors in those geographical regions where our customers will take us.


  • The Nyami range has a 3 year guarantee for the boat structure and all elements of the propulsion. We provide extra warrantees up to 5 years
  • The lithium batteries (LiFePO4) are guaranteed for 1,500 cycles which would be around 5 years (depending on the seasons)
  • As part of the guarantee commitment, regular check-ups are provided by industry professionals


  • The construction of the Nyami range is certified by the organisation bureau "Veritas" which also provides the Visa document for the installation of the electrical parts including the propulsion lines.


  • A network of industry experts, trained in the latest technologies which are available on the Nyami range, is available in each of the areas where our boats are operational.
  • This network ensures the after sales service and the regular check-ups planned as per the contractual guarantee.