Extra services

The goal of the Nyami-concept is to provide tailor made solutions. 'Flexibility' has proven to be a key driver for our B2B customers : 'Flexibility' from concept to production due to our links with architect and manufacturing to put your own stamp on the look and feel. Flexible service offering to your specific needs, from first day of operation all the way during the total life cycle. Once you decide we will deliver, both the boat and the service.

Different Nyami versions

Beyond the standard Nyami our customers can choose 3 specific versions based on the end user market specifics

  • Performance version: high performance propeller,
  • Luxury version: high tech sound system, clean floor covering, high tech ferry seats
  • Security+ version: electrical flap, extra freeman,

Acquisition alternatives

The boats can be bought or leased where the Nyami team wil provide different scenario's based on key criteria (length of contract residual value, etc)

  • Buy
  • Lease

After sales Services

  • Warrantees : x cycles for ..
  • Extra warrantees : provided by :
    • Training,
    • etc