Regardless whether the operator is a public or private company there are two main costs items which need to be optimised : the acquisition of the asset and the daily operation thereof during the total life cycle cost. Irrespective of its customer base, Nyami has the capability to sell or lease, with and without service contracts. A tailor made solution will be proposed taking into account the prospects’ needs.


Those operators who do not wish to tie up working capital in the acquisition of the next Nyami boat may opt to lease (off balance sheet), either through their own financial institutions or through the company Sealease ( Nyami has contacts with the Company Sealease which - since 2005 - is the unique provider of financing solution to the professionals in the marine market.

Once the necessary data are collected (contract length, purchase price, purchase option if any, payment profile, etc) they are being analysed by the Sealease credit committee along with the financial data of the customer. If accepted, a lease contract is issued and signed which triggers off the order of the boat at the manufacturing plant providing an ETA.

Sealease provides funding solutions on a global basis and can operate under a wide range of flags (Belgian, French, German or Spanish).

Provision of services

Those Nyami customer who have neither the experience nor the time to contract after sales services wide a variety of service providers can decide to do so through the leasing company. A full operational leasing package can be provided with full transparency of costs and a contractual guarantee on the quality of service.